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As a result of applied research and our collaboration with industry, we have developed several prototype applications demonstrating the usability and power of technologies, approaches and algorithms we have developed in the Laboratory for Data Technologies. Some of the applications are shortly presented below. If you are interested for more information, please send us an email.

Supervizor+ is a web application that helps to identify and visualize patterns of relationships among business and physical entities in Slovenia. The application is based on automatic information retrieval from various data sources publicly available on the web, such as AJPES, UJP, ZZS, Supervizor, Wikipedia, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Finance, Dnevnik, Delo, etc. For the implementation of the Supervizor+ we employed Jena framework, a powerful Java framework for building Semantic Web applications, and WebNet component from company Optilab d.o.o. for graph visualization. 
Occapi is an open intelligent communication platform that has been developed within the OPCOMM competence centre. The purpose of the platform is twofold: (a) to support fusion of large amounts of data, irrespective of their source or structure (e.g. sensors, intelligent devices, metering systems, cameras, web sources, etc.) and (b) to provide users or devices with semantically analyzed and enriched data according to their needs and context. Using the platform, users are able to access semantically enriched data and receive warnings about specific circumstances or events that are recognized by the system. The platform can serve as a foundation for the realization of advanced event and/or data-oriented services and application including well-known paradigms, such as Internet of things (IoT), Smart City, eHealth, eTolling, etc. Based on its modularity, the platform can be extended to support analysis of large amounts of data of any kind and purpose.

OCCAPI is being developed in conjunction with the Laboratory for Telecommunications.

  TellMeMore is a browser plugin that based on a predefined ontology performs the analysis of the web page content, recognizes instances of the ontology concepts and by the use of web content mining principles automatically retrieves instances of related concepts. With TellMeMore, users are provided with additional information on specific concepts on the fly while browsing the content of a web page.
WhoKnowsWho tells you, as the name implies, what is the probability two people know each other. The probability is calculated based on the information found on the internet (e.g. by accessing various social networks, public databases, electronic newspapers, etc., and by the processing of results provided by popular search engines.). The probability, returned by WhoKnowsWho, is further explained with the main indicators of acquaintanceship. WhoKnowsWho is an example of application of the web content mining techniques.

TraffSim is a standalone application for simulating traffic flow on an arbitrary road network. The simulator is based on a classical Nagel-Schreckenberg freeway model, while further enhanced with a stochastic model of vehicle dynamics (based on given traffic loads). TraffSim can be employed for rapid exploratory analysis of traffic (a day of simulation for complete Slovenian freeway network takes only 30 minutes), analysis of traffic behavior in the case of extreme events (e.g., traffic collisions, road repairs, special services), efficient and effective road planning (simple addition, removal, coupling etc. of roads, sections, lanes), advanced traffic monitoring, enhanced on-board navigation with fast short-term traffic prediction, analysis and testing of, e.g., e-tolling systems, and other. For demo version of the application contact Lovro Šubelj.